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Candidate Details

Name Mathew Wormleighton
Phone +44 7852 296301
Desired Position DMT/CHT/ECCHO/HSE Diver
Education City & Guilds - Material Science
City & Guilds - Electrical&Electronic Engineering
BA studies in Law & Business Studies
Study of BA - MarketingManagement
Study of BA - Communication & Media Studies
7 Higher Grade subjects (A level equivalent)
PRINCE 2 Project Management
Experience/Training Open Water Diver

Emergency First Aid Response (EFR) Qualified

Advanced Diver

EWP Certified

Rescue; Life Support Diver

Qualified Rigger and Dogman

Master Diver

RTIO and BHP Mine Certified

Dive Master

Qualified Winch Operator

Oxygen Administrator

Emergency First Aid Response (EFR) Qualified
Certifications NBDHMT CHT (Ce1iified Hyperbaric Technologist) CHT number 3082 - August 2016
EBASS ECHCO (European Certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator) - August 2016
EBASS Member Number 139
HSE Part IV Certified
HSE First aid at work qualified March 2014
Resumé Mathew_Wormleighton.pdf
Current Location Warwickshire United Kingdom
Desired Location
Date Posted 8/20/2015