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Name Amy Elise Meyer
Phone (251)348-0292
Desired Position To provide quality care for my patients while informing and advocating for their optimum health, safety and comfort while simultaneously adhering to my scope of practice and further building on my career field experience.
Education University of South Alabama — Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
February 2018-Present
Medical and first response for Baldwin County
• Responding to emergent situations and following state and company protocols in treatment and operations
• Providing through experienced and compassionate patient care
• Providing safe transportation in emergent and non emergent situations
• Properly reporting documenting calls in a descriptive and efficient manner

March 2017-Febuary 2018
Providing consistent cardiac monitoring for over 45 patients
• Monitoring for fatal rhythms
• Providing proper documentation for medical records
• Providing good report with nurses and doctors and being a patient advocate
• Cleaning and keeping equipment in standing order

Dauphin Island Police Department— Public Safety Officer Emt
February 2016- March 2017
Primary first responder for 911 and police dispatched medical and fire alarms.
• Safely responding to emergencies and providing basic and some advanced life support
• Providing medical care while adhering to protocols with in my scope of practice. Documentation and detail reporting maintaining patient privacy.
• Enforcing state laws and town ordinances.
• Investigating, equipping, securing or requesting additional resources when responding to a fire or public hazard.
• Maintaining stocking and assuring quality of equipment and medications.

Newman's Ambulance— Part time Advanced Emt
2015– present
Advanced Emt responding to medical emergencies and preforming transfers.
• Providing direct patient care with in scope of practice while following protocols and company policies.
• Re-assessing and monitoring and patient condition and providing proper procedure and support.
• Providing a through report and assisting the Emergency staff.
• Anticipating challenges and adapting to ensure safety for all staff and responders when responding to calls.

Thomas Hospital— Telemetry Technician
2015– 2016
Ensuring patient safety by monitoring cardiac rhythms and providing reports for nursing staff
• Monitoring and document patient cardiac rhythms
• Continually contacting nursing staff on patient trends and patterns
• Medical documentation and patient charges for services
• Sterilization and small repairs of telemetry equipment
Certifications American Heart Association CPR
NREMT-Aemt License
Alabama Department of public health-Aemt state license -1500069
Alabama Fire College Fire fighter 150 block 1
Resumé Amy_Elise_Meyer.pdf
Current Location
Desired Location
Date Posted 08/05/2019