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Name Nelson Pimentel CHT, CWA, CMA
Phone 210-237-0540
Desired Position CHT, Safety Director Program, Wound Care Specialist
Education International ATMO
Hyperbaric Safety Director Completed: October 2014

International ATMOSan Antonio, Texas
Hyperbaric Medicine training course
Completed: January 2010

International ATMOS
Experience/Training • Hyperbaric Safety Management
• Negative Wound Pressure Therapy
• Wound Care Specialists
• Lymphedema therapy
• Assist in minor office surgery
• Physical therapy
• Microsoft Windows programs
• Sechrist and Perry's chambers operations
Certifications National Association of Health Professionals
Registered Certified Medical Assistant

National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology
Certified Hyperbaric Technologist

International Atmo
Certified Hyperbaric Safety Director

National All
Resumé Nelson_Pimentel.pdf
Current Location open to relocation
Desired Location not specified
Date Posted 8/11/2015