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If you are currently seeking employment and would like your information posted on this website, send your contact information and resumé to

Name Email Phone Desired
Resumé Date Posted
Mathew Wormleighton +44 7852 296301 DMT/CHT/ECCHO/HSE Diver Mathew_Wormleighton.pdf 8/20/2015
Brannon Casler 425-623-5416 CHT/DMT Brannon_Casler.pdf 8/20/2015
Jessica Tunca (208) 244-4499 Jessica_Tunca.pdf 8/6/2015
Nelson Pimentel CHT, CWA, CMA 210-237-0540 CHT, Safety Director Program, Wound Care Specialist Nelson_Pimentel.pdf 8/11/2015
John Karl McAndrew Schlechtweg (609)-760-1328 John_Karl_McAndrew_Schlechtweg.pdf 8/13/2015
Steve Alexandre (347) 242- 6504 To obtain a position as a certified hyperbaric technologist or safety officer within a hospital environment. Steve_Alexandre.pdf 8/27/2015
Brian W. Albrecht EMT-P, CHT (317) 987-4545 Brian_Albrecht.pdf 8/28/2015
Jeremy B. Paris (949)-433-0153 Obtain a position as a hyperbaric technician supporting the sick and injured in a hyperbaric environment Jeremy_Paris.pdf 8/31/2015
James J Benedetti Jr 908-310-5193 Certified Hyperbaric Technician James_Benedetti.pdf 9/10/2015
Michael Brakefield +01 (803) 767-4164 DMT, Remote Medic, Diver & Safety Officer Michael_Brakefield.pdf 9/17/2015
Angel Hicks (251) 210-5463 CHT AngelHicks.pdf 08/11/16
Dorothy Helliwell (410) 206-5281 Dorothy_Helliwell.pdf 01/24/2017
Emil J. Bruesch 206-755-0404 Emil_J_Bruesch.pdf 03/30/2017
Christopher Faille (808) 228-4458 To establish a career that will allow me to use my technical and medical skills. Christopher-Faille.pdf 3/15/2018
Amy Elise Meyer (251)348-0292 To provide quality care for my patients while informing and advocating for their optimum health, safety and comfort while simultaneously adhering to my scope of practice and further building on my career field experience. Amy_Elise_Meyer.pdf 08/05/2019