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Job Title VHT Hyperbaric RN
Company Vesa Health & Technology
Category NA
City San Antonio
Location Lackland AFB - TX
The contracted personnel will provide hyperbaric medical and clinical wound care as an integral staff member of the clinic. Performance requirements are contained in this performance of work statement (PWS) and standardized according to current recognized state and national standards as established by the American Nurses Association, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO), the Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Healthcare Centers (AAAHC), the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Red Cross and the Baromedical Nurses Association (BNA). The responsibilities of the contracted personnel are to provide basic and advanced nursing/wound care to the patients provided care through the Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic. The contracted personnel will provide hyperbaric medical support to patients indicated by performing duties as a Chamber Operator and as an Inside Medical Attendant. The Contract Personnel will assist in the planning, organizing, coordination, oversight and application of continuing education, in-service education, unit orientation programs and competency verification programs for professional nurses, medical technicians and physiology technicians assigned to the Hyperbaric Medicine Branch.
Ultimately, the Registered Nurse will provide wound care and hyperbaric nursing support and assistance necessary to aid in mission accomplishment.
• The Hyperbaric Medical RN Support will include where appropriate: compiling patient medical history, obtaining vital signs and basic to advanced wound care procedures.
• Contract personnel will setup, maintain, and operate the following medical equipment: Hyperbaric approved Intravenous pump, Welch Allyn PROPAQ EKG/vital signs monitor, Omni Vent Series D ventilator, Radiometer TCM400, Welch Allyn Vital Sign monitor, pulse oximeter, portable suction devices, portable specimen centrifuge, Burdick 12 lead EKG machine, Lifepak 20 Automatic Defibrillator, Perimed Laser Doppler unit.
• Contract personnel will perform Transcutaneous Oxygen monitoring (TCOM) testing, perform Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) calculations/testing, intravenous/parenteral therapies, electrocardiograph recordings (EKG), perform digital wound photography and perform Perimed laser doppler studies, and additional clinical procedures as new assessment tools become available. Use of clinical assessment technologies will support the patient assessment or to support research of new/developing technologies in the world of hyperbaric and wound care science. Documentation of acquired data will be input into provided forms and automated data systems. Ensure the creation, filing and maintenance of hyperbaric medical record files.
• The contract personnel shall utilize customer service skills that are designed to optimize the interaction between the patient and the health care team. Customer service skills include personal interaction and communication skills, appropriate use of patient advocacy and resolution of customer complaints at the lowest level and elevation to patient advocate as necessary.
• The Contract Personnel will submit audit and assessment of identified documentation trends and hyperbaric patient outcomes. The Contract Personnel will coordinate with fellow staff and physicians, ancillary services, and outside agencies to ensure safe, effective, well-planned total patient care.
• The Contract Personnel may perform general nursing care for up to 24 patients per day. The Contract Personnel will manage patient movement in and out of the hyperbaric chambers and conduct daily patient wound care.
• The contract personnel shall perform Inside Attendant (IA) duties as needed within a Class A Hyperbaric Chamber from one to six times per month.
• The contract employee will be expected to oversee the function and appropriate care rendered by the LVN to patients being evaluated and treated in the hyperbaric and wound care center.
• The Contract Personnel will have a working knowledge of computer keyboarding and Microsoft Office software. Maintain/provide in-service briefings.
• The contract personnel shall possess knowledge and apply techniques utilized in the prevention of disease transmission that are centered on infection control procedures. This includes appropriate timeliness and effectiveness of hand washing, the proper preparation and handling of sterile and clean instruments within the fields of wound care, and the correct disposition of soiled/contaminated instruments. The contract personnel will be accountable to assemble/prepare the correct supplies and instruments for upcoming and future wound care treatments.
• The contract personnel will be able to support patient requirements and research efforts. Patient requirements vary and should be defined as those short term, clinic related requirements that support activities of daily living. Research efforts vary and may relate to both human and animal subjects. Any research activity requirements would be defined by a clinical research coordinator.
• The contract personnel may escort VIP personnel touring the department, assist the Chief of Clinical Operations in preparing and maintaining education records, compiling data for quality assurance reports, audits, certification agencies and other duties. The Contract Personnel will, after unit orientation and six months working experience, assume ancillary administrative jobs such as education and training, training in-service coordinator and medical records auditor. Ancillary program assignments, like Billing Coordinator will be at the Contracting Officer Representative’s discretion. The Contract Personnel will be knowledgeable of the mission, regulations, goals, objectives, organization and policies of the Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic, US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM), and the US Air Force. Contract personnel may perform inside observer duties on an irregular and as required basis to support the hyperbaric operations.

The Contract Personnel shall meet the following qualification requirements:
• Two (2) years of experience in Hyperbaric Medicine and wound care is required. The contract personnel must have a current registered nursing license. Possession of a current CHRN certification per the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine is mandatory.
• Related nursing duties include background knowledge of hyperbaric medicine, the dispensing of medications (to include narcotics), validating narcotic drug inventory, initiating, managing and discontinuing intravenous therapies, performing basic to advanced wound care procedures, basic patient care functions and clinical nursing hyperbaric evaluations. Critical care, emergency department, teaching and management experience are highly desirable.
• The Contract Personnel will possess current Basic Life Support (BLS) with Automated External Defibrillation (AED) certifications through the American Heart Association or American Red Cross. BLS/AED certification will be maintained during entire length of this contract. Advanced certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Trauma Life Support are highly encouraged.
Administrative Requirements
• The contractor will treat any patient lists, no matter how developed, as privileged information. Lists and/or names of patients will not be disclosed to or revealed in any way for any use outside the Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic without prior written permission by the Chief, Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic or Operations Chief.
• The Contract Personnel will respect and maintain the basic rights of patients, demonstrating concern for personal dignity and human relationships. Receipt of complaints validated by the Contract Monitor and Operations Chief will subject the Contract Personnel to formal counseling or, depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, possible separation from performing services under this contract.
• The Contract Personnel will release medical information obtained during the course of this contract to other Hyperbaric Medicine staff and only to those parties or agencies directly involved in the care and treatment of the individual patient.

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Contact Email
Contact Phone (210) 787-4469 ext. 8005
Contact Name Alyssa Delgado
Date Listed 8/20/2015