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Monthly Briefing June 2022

The Board’s annual directors meeting took place on June 17 via Zoom video conferencing. One order of business was to consider several new Board members. After careful deliberation, the three following individuals were elected, each having achieved the required majority vote.

LCDR Gary D. Montgomery, PA. Gary serves as Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) Diving Medicine Program. His responsibilities extend to medical oversight of all NOAA diving medical officers and diver medics.

Gregory J. Brown, MBA, BS, AAS, CHT-ADMIN. Greg recently relocated from Duke University Medical Center to Regional One Health in Memphis, Tennessee where he serves as Program Director of hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

Jeffrey B. Nance, DMT, CHT. Jeff is the long-standing senior care provider at the University of Hawaii Multiplace Hyperbaric Treatment Center in Honolulu and provides PRN support at Queen’s Medical Center’s monoplace hyperbaric facility, also in Honolulu.

We are delighted to welcome these new members and are confident they will bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Board’s mission and deliberations.

On a final note, will all of you who certified or recertified during this month of June please go to and the Confirm Certification link to ensure that your name is recorded. We are in the process of switching over control of the website and want to be sure we didn’t miss any updating.


Dick Clarke, President
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Updated June 28, 2022